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Zig-zag Dog Walks

When walking my dog Mackie in our tidy, suburban neighborhood, I zigzag back and forth across the street,  trying to avoid lawns that are aggressively chemical-treated, as Mackie is always “nose to the ground” unless he hears something of interest … Continue reading

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Turtle Hibernation Habitat? Soils Data Needed

It would be very helpful to consulting ecologists like me, if more information were available on the characteristics of habitats (soil textures, canopy cover, moisture levels, depths, slope aspects) that are used for hibernation and nesting of the various turtle species … Continue reading

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Wood Turtle Habitat Needs

A sustainable landscape includes the habitat components needed by indigenous plants and animals.  Turtles may carry their homes on their backs, but they still need suitable habitat to live in, in particular,  for hibernation, for nesting, and to sustain their … Continue reading

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Turtles are Travelling-Take Care

A sustainable landscape, even a suburban one,  has travel corridors for wildlife, to allow movement to new  food sources, nesting areas, etc. and to prevent inbreeding of isolated small populations (e.g. maintain genetic connectivity within a metapopualtion.) Once in a … Continue reading

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